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Fast Web communication services provider with solutions of connectivity for individuals and corporate sector of Pakistan. Here at Fast Web we are fully equipped to offer our customers with uncut packages to match their requirements for Internet, Voice, Multimedia and Enterprise Solutions.

All these specified services make Fast Web the most comprehensive provider throughout Pakistan Particularly in Communications Field.

Fast Web is a converged communication services provider that fulfills connectivity requirements for organizations and individuals in Pakistan. Fast Web delivers complete solutions for Internet, Voice, Multimedia and Enterprise Solutions that make it the most comprehensive provider for all of Pakistan's communication necessities, Fast Web's vision is to take Pakistan into the digital revolution of the 21st Century and to make Pakistan a regional communications hub, connecting the East with the West and Central Asia with the Middle East.

Fast Web began its operations in Pakistan in 2007, subscribers, provides enterprise solutions and data services to leading organization..

With a new strategic vision and management in place, Fast Web has steadily improved its service provision and its corporate structure to adequately reflect its corporate motto and beliefs of 'Enabling Customer Lifestyles'. Fast Web is aiming to help shape the education, social and economic development in the country using broad-based internet provision.



At its inception in 2007, we had envisioned a simple goal for Fast Web: to build a world-class, reliable communication and media network to deliver top of the line affordable communications service to the people of Pakistan. We have so far, by the Grace of Allah, been able to achieve part of the dream. Despite the challenging economic conditions, we continue to provide Pakistan with the most advanced technologies in the world.

Our vision entails Fast Web maximizing economies of scale and improving our operating efficiencies. We will focus on our customer-facing services and commercial activities, while centralizing or outsourcing some back-office and non-core functions to strategic partners, as well as re-training and further developing our existing personnel.

We are strengthening our relationship with Pakistan by undertaking massive expansion projects that will enable it to connect the people of Pakistan, their neighboring countries and the region at large.

As Chief Operating Officer, I would like to take this opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to stakeholders and hope that this special relationship will continue to foster over the years as we continue to realize the full potential of the great country that is Pakistan.